Home Staging Tips For Home Sellers

Home Staging Tips For Home Sellers

With the ever-increasing number of homes being sold almost every day, it is not too difficult to see how the inventory of all kinds of homes on the market gets increasingly bigger. This gives much more opportunities for buyers to choose but also forces home sellers to step up their game and give their best offerings. Those who buy look for nothing but the best and can spot even the smallest of flaws. This usually results in a broken deal. To present your home in the best possible shape and impress the potential buyers, you need to get a better understanding as to how to prepare your home for sale.

1. Clutter removal and de – personalization

btvrvgrbtvrThe first thing every home seller should do is to remove any excess, and unnecessary clutter littered all across the home. People usually fail to notice the negative effect excess clutter can have on the buyer’s first impressions. By removing at least half of the clutter, which includes clothes, small furniture, and books, the home will get a much cleaner look. Small spaces will also appear considerably bigger, in the eyes of those interested. It is also advisable to remove any photos, paintings, and other personal items. This is simply because a potential buyer does not want to see your personal vision of the home, but instead visualize his/her own.

2. Maintenance and preparation

One of the most important aspects any home seller should pay attention to is the current condition of every home structural part, as well as an appliance. Even though they might appear small and insignificant, problems like water stains, or broken screens and tiles, can sometimes prove crucial in a potential buyer rejecting the offer. That is why every home system needs to be checked and rechecked, and if necessary, repaired as soon as possible.

3. Painting the walls

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways of making a home feel fresh and lively, is to paint the walls. It is important to note here that, using neutral colors, like white or gray, is strongly advisable. This is simply because potential buyers usually pay attention to other features of the home. By painting the walls in some aggressive colors, like red or gold, a buyer will get distracted, and overlook other advantages and features of the home.

4. Enhancing the home exterior and landscape

tg6hy67jukujyhThe first thing every person interested in the house sees is, of course, the home’s exterior, its entrance, and the surrounding landscape. This is the first, and in some cases, the make-or-break impression. This impression can be substantially enhanced by thoroughly washing the exterior, and applying paint, if necessary. Also, removing any overgrown bushes and dead plants, while adding certain flowers and making the grass greener, will most certainly impress anyone interested in the house.